1. By Our Design – Percussion, Rhythm Electric, Acoustic Guitar, String Arrangements
2. One Heart – Percussion, Synths, Background Vocals, Rhythm Electric
3. I’m Not the Fire – Organ, Background Vocals, Rhythm Electric, Percussion
4. Child of the Wind – Acoustic Guitar, Rhythm Electric, Percussion, Background Vocals, String Arrangements
5. Tattered, Torn and Blue (And Crazy) – Percussion, Acoustic Guitar
6. Desert Dove – Rhodes, Rhythm and Lead Electric, Synths, Percussion
7. Run Away With Me – Organ, Percussion, Nashville Acoustic
8. Two Fools – Organ, Percussion
9. If I Wanted Your Opinion – Percussion, Organ
10. Somebody New – Wurlitzer, Rhythm and Lead Electric, Synths, Sounds, Percussion
11. Be Easy