1. 911 – Drums, Percussion, Piano, Background Vocals
2. Bushwick Blues – Guitars, Organ, Samples, Background Vocals
3. Salt in the Wound – Percussion, Piano, Lapsteel
4. White Table – Tampura, Percussion, Background Vocals
5. Ransom Man – Harmonium, Samples, Noise, Background Vocals
6. Devil Knows You’re Dead – Drums, Samples, Guitars, Percussion, Background Vocals
7. Golden State – Piano, Guitars, Background Vocals
8. Scarecrow – Background Vocals
9. Vivian – Guitars, Background Vocals
10. St. Francis – Rhythm Guitar, Baritone Guitar, Percussion, Horn Arrangement
11. Ballad of Vitaly – Drums, Synths, Background Vocals

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